Kate has taught music workshops all over the world. She has also taught dozens of private students piano, voice, beginning guitar, and songwriting.


She specializes in home school students, teenagers, and adults, but she loves all ages!  


Her rates are


$25 for a half hour

$35 for forty five minutes

$40 for an hour


Kate also plays at weddings which can include writing a special song for the couple. She can learn and sing most songs on guitar, piano, mandolin, and the hammered dulcimer.


She can also play, help you learn, or help you write a song for a loved one, whether it be your sweetheart or a friend

or someone in the hospital.


Please email Kate at iamkatehurley@gmail.com

or call her at 303-946-9875


Reviews from students:



"Taking voice lessons with Kate was a great experience! Every lesson starts off with vocal warm ups to strengthen and improve your voice. She uses colors and props to explain concepts which really helped me and my singing. I could hear improvement in my voice after every week. Not only have I learned so much but I also had fun during the process. These were the best voice lessons that I have ever had, and I hope that future students will have as good of an experience as I did."

Krystal W, age 15


"Sophia is so lucky to have Kate as a piano/music teacher.  Kate always keeps Sophia engaged and motivated. Sophia is always eager to come for her lessons, because she gets to play for Kate and sing the last few minutes of class." Pam and Sophia L, age 8


"A fun, talented teacher, Kate makes exploring and practicing music a passion instead of a task. Her soulful voice and supportive techniques encourage her students with voices and skills of all types to improve themselves. Furthermore, she implements out-of-the-box warm-ups to help her students fully understand how to utilize different aspects of their voice. My child started taking voice lessons much later (in her teens) than most children and it was very important to have a teacher who knew how to keep her interested.  Kate is accepting and conscientious of how her teaching impacts her students, and it is clear that she cares about her job. While she taught my child, my child was able to go from stretching to reach a 2 octave range to confidently being able to sing 2.5-3 octaves. I am also aware of Kate's efforts to teach music to children who are less privileged. I think Kate is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her for all students." Mother of Poorvi D. Age 15











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